Guide for a safe vacation
Download here  the measures for a safe vacation. 


Do you offer any activities?

During the months of July and August Verneda offers children activities at the facility with a person who works as an entertainer. Besides, we offer life music in August, tasting diners in summer, some shows like clowns, and guided free excursions for our customers.

Is there a swimming pool in Verneda?

There's an outdoor heated swimming pool during the summer time, in coincidence with the restaurant.

Are pets allowed?

Yes, they are allowed and welcome! The Verneda is an Animal Lovers' establishment. At the moment of booking, this fact must be told to the, thus in the accommodation Hu-marau they're not allowed to come, but in some other accommodations more than one pet is allowed to come. This service has an extra charge. At the campsite area they're also welcome and there's an extra charge too.

We ask the owners of the animals to contribute to the cleanness of the Verneda. Please, if the dog makes his needs in the establishment, we beg you to collect them. The pet must never be alone, neither in the emplacement nor in the accommodation. Coexistence between customers and pets is essential at the Verneda. Try to avoid bothering the neighbors. Thanks for your collaboration.

They are allowed to come to any place of the establishment except in the swimming pool area, because of hygiene rules. At the restaurant area they may have access to the terrac-es with this purpose.

Dogs must be kept on a leash?

Yes, they must. And they must always be accompanied by their owners.

Is there a place where dogs can relieve themselves?

No, there isn't. But there are plenty of trails where they can do so. Cleanliness and re-spect for the others are required.

Is there a night guard at Verneda?

Yes, there's a night guard during the months of July and August from 21h to 8h. There's also an emergency phone number provided which is written in different placards along the campsite.

Is there public transport to Verneda?

The bus stop is located 500m from Verneda, at the roundabout called Pont d'Arròs.

If I can't come to the Verneda will the money be refunded?

If you're on the need of cancelling the reservation at Verneda, this is our cancellation policy depending on the time you give the notice of cancellation:

In low and medium season:

  • 15 days or more before the arrival date: 100% refund of the amount advanced.

  • 7-14 days before the date of arrival: 50% refund of the amount advanced.

  • Fewer than 7 days: loss of the amount advanced.

  • Non-shown: charge of the remaining amount of the booking.

In high season:

  • 30 days or more before the arrival date: 100% refund of the amount advanced.

  • 29-15 days before the date of arrival: 50% refund of the amount advanced.

  • Fewer than 15 days: loss of the amount advanced.

  • Non-shown: charge of the remaining amount of the booking.

Is the Verneda open at winter?

Yes, the accommodations Cabana, Bordeta Luxe, Borda Suite and Humarau are open dur-ing holidays and weekends until Easter. From Easter on, Verneda opens every day, and the tents, caravans and vans may use the camping area until October the 12th.

May I have visits during my stay? Does it have any extra cost?

Yes, you are allowed to have visits. At the moment of arriving, they must come with one of the occupants of the emplacement/accommodation.
Allthe visits to families staying at the Verneda are subject to a tariff.


Are bed sheets and towels included in the price?

Bed sheets and towels are included in the accommodation's price.

At what time can the check-in and the check-out be done?

The check-in is usually at 16h30m. Depending on the year's season it can be at a different time, in accordance with the occupancy. Even if arriving out of the reception schedule we can arrange it, so that it doesn't mean any impediment. All these kind of exceptions must be notified to the reception staff in order to find an appropriate solution. The check-out time is at 12h, but depending on the next bookings it's possible to set it later, previous notification required and extra charge for late check out.

Is the cleaning service provided? The accommodation must be cleaned before the check-out?

Verneda offers its accommodations with a rental contract; therefore, the occupant can live in them as if being at the own home. Thus, on the check-out day it must be clean and tidy by means of the occupant.

Are there meals included in the price?

In Verneda there's a restaurant opened from June the 21th until September the 11th. All the accommodations have a kitchen. So that service isn't included in the price. But the meals can be supplied at the restaurant in summer.

Are there coffee maker, dishes, tableware, etc., in the accommodation?

In the accommodations there's everything required to cook and eat. In Verneda's website you'll find all lodging's inventory, where you can see what kind of coffee maker you'll find at every accommodation.

Are there blankets and pillows in the lodgings?

The lodgings are furnished with blankets, bedspreads and pillows.

Are the accommodations heated?

All lodgings are heated and the heating is included in the price, except in summer.


Do the emplacements have electricity and water?

All emplacements have electricity (which isn't included at the price) but not water. How-ever, there are sources in all emplacements' areas.

Are emplacements provided with shadow?

Although there are a lot of trees all over the camping area, which provide nice shadow, depending on the area where you are placed, there might be more or less shadow.

May I book a concrete emplacement?

We don't make bookings of a concrete emplacement, but we try to satisfy your priorities.