Gastronomy with denomination of origin of the Val d'Aran and the relaxation of the Pyrenees, next to our forests and the Garonne river.

The Verneda Camping Mountain Resort Restaurant offers quality cuisine during the summer months based on a long Aran Valley tradition of slow cooking, as we uphold the area’s time-worn cooking practices. This kind of cooking is presented as the best option for both adults and children, to take advantage of the Aran Valley and all it has to offer.

The menu features a wide variety of hot and cold appetisers, local gastronomic offerings, and our grilled specialties, making for an experience of special sensations and flavours among the centuries-old forests that surround us in this corner of the Pyrenees. Both kids and adults will find the dish they are looking for, to round out a perfect holiday.

At our restaurant you will find:

  • A la carte service: Choose a different dish every day of the summer. Just ask our waiters, and make every day a new adventure for your palate.
  • Children's dishes: Menus designed for the youngest members of the family. Fun dishes packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals so that good times spent with family are also healthy.
  • Menus for groups: Sit and eat. When spending your summer holidays in a group, you are better off saving all the time you'd spend cooking, and just sitting down at the table to share delicious dishes cooked with care among the mountains of the Aran Valley.
  • Paellas and fideuàs: A variety of paellas and fideuàs to suit every taste, always cooked in the traditional way.
  • Take-away dishes.

Tastet d'Aran

July and August are the months for our Tastet d'Aran, a long-standing traditional dinner featuring a sampling of products from the Aran Valley, offered weekly so that guests can enjoy Aranese cuisine in an ideal setting.

  • Restaurant open from June 24 until September 11
  • Take Away
  • Daily Menu
  • Pet friendly (at designated tables)
  • Wi-Fi