At the Reception Desk we give you all the information so you can get the very most out of your days in the Aran Valley: itineraries for your whole family, guided excursions, recommendations for cultural visits, and much more.

Enjoy the difference that an a la carte holiday makes, a few days away from the routine, doing everything that you like, whenever you want to, and with the people you love. At the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort Reception Desk you have access to complete tourist information for a few days in the Aran Valley, packed with great activities.

Whether you come with your family and/or with friends, in these valleys of the Pyrenees you can do all kinds of things: a whole range of sports, fine dining, resting, and breathing fresh air. The activities we have to offer include recommended trails and the free guided tours we offer through some of the sites with the very best views of the Aran Valley.

And, if what you are after is adventure, at Reception we also collaborate with operations offering some of the most daring activities in the Aran Valley. Horseback riding, guided bicycle tours, rafting and/or kayaking the Garonne River, or even canyoning. A whole series of active tourism activities for the bravest visitors!

If you are passionate about culture and traditions, in the Aran Valley you will also find cultural activities through which you will discover the roots and traditions of this corner of the Pyrenees. Museums, exhibitions, gastronomy, guided tours and a varied Romanesque heritage, captured in the area's churches and paintings. Immerse yourself in Aranese traditions!

In addition to our restaurant and the Tastet d’Aran [+ link] during the months of July and August, at Reception we can also advise you regarding the best restaurants in the different towns of this Aranese valley. Traditional Aran Valley cuisine, with the best chefs.

We can also give you tips you about all the children's activities that we offer during the months of July and August, so that your little ones can make new friends and have their creativity and imagination stimulated through fun games that, at the same time, teach them to love and respect the nature surrounding us, from a tender age.

Come to our Reception Desk for all the tourism information on the Aran Valley and great ideas to enjoy the #VernedaLIFE