The latest additions to the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort, designed and created with great care.
Unique and singular accommodations that combine the traditional Aran Valley style with modern design and every comfort and convenience. Bordeta Luxe is perfectly adapted to its surroundings, its construction featuring local Pyrenean materials.

There are four Bordeta Luxe units, essentially the same but bearing different names: Montlude, Montcorbison, Malh Blanc and Molières, these being some of the Aran Valley's most emblematic and famous peaks. If you still haven't experienced them, we recommend it.

In high season, the day of entry into the Bordeta Luxe is from Sunday to Sunday.


They feature a ground floor and a loft level. On the ground floor is the dining/living room, with a sofa, a fully equipped kitchen, and a full bathroom with a shower. The loft, in the same space, has a double bed and a bunk bed, with two singles, for those who need solitude for deep sleep. The Bordeta Luxe includes linens for 4 people, and a fully appointed bathroom.


  • Wifi
  • Sofa
  • Equipped terrace
  • TV
  • Equipped kitchen
  • Pet friendly
  • Linens and towels included
  • Shower
  • Parking
  • Heating in the winter
  • Complete kitchenware