The Aran Valley is synonymous with winter, landscapes blanketed in white, long days on the slopes of the Baqueira Beret ski resort, and evenings by the fire.

In the winter the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort is blanketed in white, to everyone's great delight. During the snowy season we hear the falling of the flakes across our valley, remaining warm and cosy inside our wooden bungalows as the fireplace crackles.

It is during the months of the winter when the best pictures for Instagram are snapped, with guests tracing butterfly shapes in the snow and building snowmen as a family, fun pastimes that the little ones at home will always cherish as treasured memories. Even the dogs that visit us, many accustomed to the city, frolicking and playing in the snow.

Take advantage of the winter to create new memories during the weekend.

Skiing Skiing The best of Baqueira Beret, to enjoy the whole winter season on skis.
Snowboard Snowboard Surf the slopes of Baqueira Beret and improve your technique each day.
Snowshoes Snowshoes Spectacular views as you tread through the mountains in snowshoes.View map
Dogsleds Dogsleds Scandinavian traditions, to forge family memories in Baqueira Beret.
Snowmobiles Snowmobiles Speed, scenery and fun, atop a snowmobile in Baqueira Beret.