The Aran Valley is synonymous with winter, landscapes blanketed in white, long days on the slopes of the Baqueira Beret ski resort, and evenings by the fire.

The vast white blanket that the snow brings with it gives us a whole new landscape to discover. Its the time to contemplate the day's unfolding through your bungalow's window, where your steps through the snow are accompanied by a very charming squeeky little sound and the warm playful sunrays are contatntly changing our light perception. 

Bisides this wonders of nature, we find ourselves at a short distance to Baqueira-Beret, one of the most prestigious ski resorts of the Iberian Peninsula and the Pyrenees, its 170 km skiable area, speaks by itself.

In the Winter, Verneda Camping Mountain Resort gets covered in white to everyone's delight. During this time we get to feel the falling of the snowflakes all the while keeping ourselves nice and cozy inside our wooden bungalows, with the chimney working and all the works.

Esquí Ski Enjoy the very best of Baqueira-Beret.
Snowboard Snowboard Slide down the best slopes in Baqueira, while improving your skills.
Raquetas de nieve Snowshoeing Snap the best pictures while snowshoeing through the backcountry.See Map
Trineos tirados por perros Dogsledding Enjoy this historic tradition in the majestic Baqueira Beret.
Motos de nieve Snowmobile Speed, great views and lots of fun through Baqueira Beret.
Planes invernales en Aran Winter activities in the Val d'Aran  10 activities to enjoy during the winter in the Valley See more