Here we let you know, not only what we do to give you the best holiday experience, but show you the priviledge that comes with our location. To settle here, in the middle of the Val d'Aran and make use of our surroundings as your own back yard. 

Find out all the different possibilities that you can enjoy without moving out from the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort.

Eth Camin Reiau

Find access to a historical path that has been used to make way for centuries on, through forests of several different trees, connect between various towns in the Aran area. Wander around into the depths of the wildest side of the Val d'Aran all along its total 150 km.

To stroll through it is the perfect way to explore the area, you can divide this activity into different stages that will introduce you to the local geography, orientation and enviroment.

Named Reiau, from the aranese term for "royal", because of its' formerly passage from the Vía Tolosana to the Imperial Tarraco, in today's day and age, it is the perfect place to go for a run, a bike ride or simply roam around.

This is the perfect path to show the little ones to nature in its most authentic state. Enjoy with family and friends from the different stages that make up this historical trail, be it done by foot with your dog, running or on two wheels. The Camin Reiau is the optimal experience to partake in active tourism, just a step away from the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort.

Hiking or mountain biking routes for all levels

The Campings Bike & Run (CB&R) offer a series of trails to enjoy, by bike or on foot, departing right from and returning to the campground.

The Bike & Run routes were created by the Lleida Campsites Association and are specially designed and organised by difficulty level.

Enter here and download your favorite route on your mobile device.

River Walk

The ideal after-lunch stroll, or to take your dog out for a walk first thing in the morning, and also the perfect place to get your feet wet on the riverbank, without even having to leave the campingsite.