Rest a night and continue with your trip. The Sleep & Go experience, the journey continues.
SLEEP&GO: Special rate for those who just want to spend the night.

The road has no end. It is infinite. Each destination is a new moment to store in our memories. And we want to see everything! That's why Sleep&Go is designed for all those van campers who want to see what the road offers along the way, and to make the very most of their days. The Verneda Camping Mountain Resort is your place to spend the night in your RV, motor home, caravan, camper van or camper in the Aran Valley, and continue along your way, expanding your perspectives, and learning from every new km travelled. An overnight rate ideal for those who want to see it all without giving up any night-time comforts during their trips.

Camper vans, RVs, caravans, campers and motor homes, and the great times we spend in them, as packing everything in for a great time is all part of the fun. RVs have their own spaces, with all the comforts of a Campsite, but Mountain Resort style, with conveniently accessible parking pitches.

We also offer dump station service (grey water drainage service) for customers who are passing through.


Low SeasonMedium SeasonHigh SeasonStar Season
Children (3 to 12 years)5,60€6,80€7,70€8,40€
Seniors >655,60€6,80€7,70€8,40€
Pitch STANDARD <60m11,80€15€16,50€18€
Pitch CONFORT <80m11,80€18€20€22€
Pitch PLUS <95m11,80€22€25€28€
Extra (tent/ car/motorbike)6,15€6,15€6,15€6,15€
Electricity 5A8€8€8€8€
Sleep & Go, 2 pax + camper 20h-10h16€20,50€22,50€
Gray water change7€7€7€7€

Star season: from 29/07 to 20/08/2022.
High season: from 07/07-10/07; 15/07 to 28/07 and from 21/08 to 27/08/2022
Medium season: Eastern, from 23/06-06/07; 11/07 to 14/07, and from 22/08 to 11/09/2022.
Low season: Rest of the year, spring and autumn. Bar-restaurant, swimming-pool and playing room closed.
VAT INCLUDED. TOURISTIC TAX of 0.60€ per night per person over 16 years NOT INCLUDED.

The price of the pitch includes a car plus a camping unit (tent/caravan/motorhome). Only one camping unit is allowed on each pich.The surfaces are indicative.



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