Conscious of Nature, committed to your well-being.
A swimming pool designed for the whole family, and especially for children, the stars of the summer at the Verneda Camping Mountain Resort, many of whom we watch grow up, as they return year after year. The pool is open from June 24 to September 11.

Swimming pool with saline chlorination, in this way we take care of your health and also of the environment.

Our pool is treated with saltwater chloration, this way we avoid using the traditional chlorine-based chemicals and let our skin enjoy the rich properties of the saltwater. This way we take care of your wellbeing and of our surroundings.

On top of this... It's heated! So its always the perfect time to have a splash, regardless of the weather.

There is also a watersliiiiide! Which is the same as to say there is unlimited fun and laughter for the main protagonists of the camp: the kids!

But... we know you've come to get some rest. Worry not! You've come to the right place. The poolside area is a vast green space that everyone can enjoy. Sit back, have a good book at hand, contemplate the view and relax away.

Afterwards.. why don't you have an ice cream?

This is why... #VIDAVerneda is the best life.

Children's pool for those who begin.Children's pool for those who begin.
Spacious green area to relax.Spacious green area to relax.