At Verneda Camping Mountain Resort, our doggy friends vacation just as much ! To see them enjoy vastness of our lands is of prime concern to us (keeping in mind to always respect the intimacy and breathing space of other guests), and to watch them fully rejoice, our reward.

We beleive each dog is different from each other, just like their owners. For that reason, we have chosen to adopt common sense costums in the matter, such as picking up after them making use of the various waste-bag dispensers available all throughout the camp grounds.

Whether you come by car to a bungalow, or by camper to a pitch, your pet can tag along for the ride. You can always take a walk down the Royal Path (access directly from within the grounds) or down the riverside road all the way to our football field.

Dogs are allowed in every type of pitch in the campsite and all our lodges, except for the Humarau apartments. They do, however, have a fee.


Low seasonMedium seasonHigh seasonWinterStar Season
Bungalows8,50 €8,50 €8,50 €8,50 €8,50 €
Campsite4,00 €4,65 €5,15 €6,15 €